Monday, 9 December 2013

Henry and Troy

It is very awesome Yolo by Henry and Troy

CAMP 2013


Reuben Clough

It is very SWAG by reuben

our Awesome Camp

LOl it is very cool

Regan's camp story

It is very swag LOL. by Regan

George and Ben's camp photos

This is Ben and George camp photos it is awesome.

James Camp Story

This is my story of the school camp we went on to Auckland.

Cam's Camp

This is a visual story of our school camp to Auckland. I made it using animoto, a site where I can upload pictures and add text to it.

Thomas Ninja Animation

This is a cartoon I made on Goanimate. It is about Ninja's. ninjas by havillthomas on GoAnimate

Thomas and Patrick's School Camp Story

This is the story of our school camp to Auckland. We used animoto to upload photos we took on our school camp and then we added comments to them.


This our camp story we used animoto and we also uploaded we took from camp we also added our own text It was a awesome camp

Awahono Room 6 Camp

We hope you enjoy our camp movie that we made using Animoto. We uploaded photos taken on camp and added captions. By Kelly & Katherine

Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Futureeeeeeee!!!!!!!

This is the futureeeeee as I see it. A world without integrity and I am here maintain their sanity. the future by alexanderhart007 on GoAnimate