Thursday, 24 October 2013

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courtney's story hope u enjoy

 courtney story hope u enjoy it ::)


Desert Island

My family and i moved to this island to live and now we have to find food materials. 

Uncle Dave loves to cook,and he cooks a big dinner and makes extras just in case.

My Aunty Crystal is good at knitting. She knits us everything.

My Dad Philip goes out on the row boat to another island an gets us some more supplies such as fruit.

My mum Julia helps my cousin build a raft because she is good at building things.

My other cousin is thick and collects drift wood for our fire and our huts.We gave him that job because personally i think that is all he can handle so we leave him to it.

My sister Alice is so lazy that she just sits in the hammock and reads all day.

Then there's me the youngest of all i am a better swimmer than the rest of my family so i get the fun job being the life guard

The Deserted Island

The Deserted Island
By Katherine Elliott


this is my narrtive writing hope you like it :

My Dad is the caption, he keeps the crew busy and keeps their hopes up. He tells them no good will come if we if we keep moaning about this island, I know it’s hard to believe we are marooned! but we need to keep calm and carry on. Everyone has their own job like Larry the cook.

Larry studied cooking for ten years, he knows how to cook in a survival situation which can come in handy, when you are stuck on a blasin island like this one like this one.   

It’s annoying being only 12, I can’t help much but sit up here on the look out cliff. all I can do is watch the campsite slowly turn into a big house, and write in this stinkin book. I don’t see my Dad much me is always out hunting, I wish I could go out with him, wait what’s that on the horizon!

         By Patrick Matthews!