Minecraft Story Maps

Today Room six completed a reading "follow-up Activity". As part of their reading rotation they were required to create a story map of an event or particular action of their text. Instead of completing the task by drawing a map into their work books, they created the map using minecraft.
The reading groups had to decide on which event or action they wanted to create collectively. They then had to locate information from the text that stated specific what features of the setting that they would have to include in their mincraft build. Once that was completed, they had to sketch their design before starting their build. Each group member had an opportunity to participate on the minecraft build and once they were completed they took screen shots of it. These screen shots were uploaded from the camera roll on their ipad and onto "Book Creator". Once on Book Creator, the students had to write their own explanation as to what the screen shots were and how they related to the text.
It was an amazing experience to witness everybody in the class fully engaged in their activity, collaborating with each other and sharing ideas and knowledge. The quality of work was outstanding and all students completed their activity; something that does not always happen. What follows is examples of the students fabulous work.


  1. wow drawing your own map that sounds awsome

    kieran mokia int

    1. Thanks Kieran. We are really enjoying it doing some really cool work in our reading and writing

  2. Great work Kieran. You have really grabbed my attention.
    You have also got lots of cool describing words too...