Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Haunted house

 this my haunted house writing from henry

The bizare alien BOB by Regan

 Here's my story


The i met a space creature :D

I was bored so I went for a flight to space. when I got to mars I had to make a pit stop. I pulled in to bp and was filling my spacecraft up when this spacecraft rolled in. The alien got out and started fueling up.I was looking at him he had a nasty eyes with a sour look, his hair stood about 90 cms long in the air he was short and fat.His spacecraft was maxed out,he had little fat legs and short arms with pink eyes that would glow in the dark he was evil.He didn't say a word,he just flew away.

hannahs story

this is my story                                                                                                             https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a9Z-eo2eXaw8ShxDESOHhlchjDMmy49XAw-wdZf1OnI/edit

bens the day i met the space creature

The day I met the space creature

As I climbed on the spaceship the count down from 30 begun I zipped up the ladder to my seat. Just in time to as it went 3…2…1… lift of. The rockets fired into life. At 9:45. Mushin control said, “You are 10 mints away form the moon”. After 5 mints after that I could see the silver lining of the moon. Mushin control called back and said that they have lost control of the spaceship and its heading for a black hole. 2 seconds later I can see the black hole. All of a sudden a little green man pushes the spaceship out of the way and towards the moon. I owe my life to that little green man.