Thursday, 24 October 2013


this is my narrtive writing hope you like it :

My Dad is the caption, he keeps the crew busy and keeps their hopes up. He tells them no good will come if we if we keep moaning about this island, I know it’s hard to believe we are marooned! but we need to keep calm and carry on. Everyone has their own job like Larry the cook.

Larry studied cooking for ten years, he knows how to cook in a survival situation which can come in handy, when you are stuck on a blasin island like this one like this one.   

It’s annoying being only 12, I can’t help much but sit up here on the look out cliff. all I can do is watch the campsite slowly turn into a big house, and write in this stinkin book. I don’t see my Dad much me is always out hunting, I wish I could go out with him, wait what’s that on the horizon!

         By Patrick Matthews!


  1. You could improve on making your writing smaller so it doesn't take up the whole page