Thursday, 16 May 2013

Room 6 Quadbolgging Questions

Hi guys. We have put together a short video with questions we had about your class and school. We hope you get a chance to look at it and post some answers onto our blog. Happy watching and we look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Hi Room 6,

    This is Mrs Gage, one of the teachers from 56 Steps. My class, 56SG have watched your video and will share some of our answers with you. However, we would also love it if you could answer the same questions about your school so we could learn about you too!

    Unfortunately we couldn't quite hear some of the questions properly so will be unable to respond to those.

    Our school, St Elizabeth’s, only has primary school students who are aged from 5 to 12. Our school is in Dandenong North, which is a suburb in Melbourne.

    There are approximately 365 students in our school grouped into 14 classes. This year all of our classes have a female teacher. There are 2 male teachers who teach specialist subjects of Physical Education and Chinese.

    The first year of school is called Foundation and students are aged 5 or 6 when they start. Our school day starts at 8.55 and finishes at 3.15. We have 2 main adventure playgrounds with a third being built in the next couple of months that is more suited to our age group. We also have a football oval and 2 basketball courts. We have a canteen that is open only on Wednesdays and many students look forward to this however we can also order Subway for lunch on a Monday or Friday.

    Our class, 56SG, has 25 students – 13 boys and 12 girls. Each student has access to an iPad of their own. There are 3 other 5/6 classes and they have either 25 or 26 students each. One of the highlights each year for our senior students is attending camp. We alternate camps each year. This year we will visit Sovereign Hill in Ballarat for 1 night. This is a town where the Gold Rush was in the 1850s. Last year we went to Mt Evelyn Recreation camp for 2 nights where we do lots of activities that are very challenging. If you would like to learn more about that you could visit the blog we had last year at We will go back to Mt Evelyn next year.

    Homework is given out every second Monday and is due the following Friday. This allows for our students who have sporting or family commitments plenty of time to be organized and complete their tasks.

    The subjects we study in class include Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Religious Education, Art, Performing Arts, Media, Physical Education, Chinese and Inquiry. This term our Inquiry is based on Science. Sometimes it is based on Health, History, Economics or Geography.

    Many of my students tried to respond to your blog posts but were finding it difficult on their iPads but hopefully they will be able to try again next week using a laptop or desk top and maybe then they can tell you about their favourite subject.

    Thanks for making your video,

    Mrs Gage

    PS Our students do not have Google accounts and the OpenID option wasn't working if I put in our blog address so the students may not be able to respond at all.