Monday, 17 June 2013

Favourite Cartoon Character! :)

HI! This Is a story about my favourite cartoon character:)


  1. I love Mickey Mouse to! I actually learnt a lot from that! It was awesome!!!!!

  2. Great story Emma. I loved how you put in facts and why you like Mickey Mouse. All this description makes me like Mickey Mouse more.

  3. Hi Emma George here I loved your story because you mentioned all the characters and the description of Micky mouse you use great words. My favourite carton character is Winnie the poo I still love him.

  4. Hi,

    This is a great piece of writing! I also agree Mickey Mouse is awesome! :)

  5. Hi

    I agree with Hannah this is an awesome piece of writing and Mickey Mouse is awesome and loved watching him on TV.
    From Megan-Riccarton primary school.