Tuesday, 18 June 2013

the day I met a Space Creature

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  1. Hi this is Kelly. Whoever wrote this story had some awesome ideas and they all tied together really well. You have described the characters well and all the time I just had to read more. I was gutted when the story ended because I hoped there would be more. Well done!!!

  2. This is a great story! It was very descriptive


  3. Hello,
    our names our Aleksandra and Mary and we are from St Elizabeths Parish school.

    We really enjoyed this story. Aleksandra's favourite moment was when Bob screamed, " AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!". Next time maybe check your spelling again.

    Other than that, we loved it! Awesome work!

    Aleksandra and Mary.

  4. Hi everyone this is mikkel.
    That was a good story and I like how you left the ending to the reader i realy like this story.We also are doing something like thing this but we call it powerful paragraph.
    from Mikkel