Tuesday, 18 June 2013

the day I met a space creature


By Blake


  1. Hi this is Kelly. Awesome story you wrote there Blake. It was so trilling and the part where it said "When we came back from space we were millionaires!" It was soooo funny!!! It made me wnt to read more every sentence of the way. Awesome story!!!! :)

  2. Hi this is Lawrence,

    Nice story Blake its funny and interesting and if i laughed any louder i would have been introuble.
    There was a bit of mistakes but it doesnt matter everyone make's mkistakes.I like how you said "When we got back we were millionaires!"

  3. Hi this is Aris from the 56Steps Blog, I loved your story, you were very amaginative and it was really funny.
    My favourite bit was when the alien wanted to trade "chicken nuggets for Gold"

    From Aris,

  4. Hi Blake,
    Your story was very descriptive but we noticed a few grammar errors.My favourite part of the story was when you said that when you come back from space that you would be a millionaires!!

    From Jayden1 and Marie

  5. thanks guys for all the awesome comments and yes i know there was a few spelling mistakes, but ill fix them up thanks guys you are awesome.