Thursday, 23 May 2013

the day i jumped out of a plane   by blake


  1. Great story bro.I liked the bit were Justin pushed you out because it was funny.

    From Henry

  2. Dear Blake,

    That was a very interesting story!!! I enjoyed it alot. I really imagined it happening in my mind.

    I like the part when you asked Jerome how high you were going and you were shocked.

    From Marie

  3. hi blake i really like your story it is very descriptive and funny

    from jayden

  4. Hi
    I think your story is really great.It is very intersting and descriptive.
    It was really funny.
    I would've put some emotive words.
    When the did you get the idea of writing that type of story?

    From Andy at

  5. Hi my names Kristy and im from St.Elizabeths.Ienjoyed your story but maybe you should have wrote how you felt when you were about to jump.

  6. Hey Blake,

    My names Mary and im from St Elizabeths, one of your QuadBlogging schools.

    I really enjoyed this piece of writing Blake. I really enjoyed the part where Justin pushed you out. It was also good that you said who Justin and Jerome were. One thing you could maybe do next time is where you landed. Other than that, I really enjoyed reading this.


  7. Dear Blake,
    your story is amazing i really like the description that you wrote when you were freaked out. I didn't understand the first sentence you wrote but over all the story or short paragraph was supurb.

    From: Bryan-

  8. Hi everyone,
    great story I liked the justin pushing him out of the plane.I think you should have put more discription when hi jumps off the plane instead of having it so short.

    From Mikkel

  9. Dear Blake,
    I think that you wrote a really good story it was funny and felt exciting from your point of view.I would of thought that something bad would of happened i think it was very suprising when you said that justin wanted to do that again.

    PS.It would be wonderful if you visited my community blog.Thankyou for letting me read your story on your blog.

  10. hello Blake
    My name is Adelaina and i read your intersting story. It was really good. I liked how you described where it was set out.But next time i think you should say how you felt when you had jumped out of the plane but other then that it was amazing

  11. Hi Blake,
    I thought your story was intresting and i really liked it.
    You had lots of descriptive words.
    From Connie

  12. Hi Blake,
    i liked your story because it was a good idea. i liked the part when you nearly fell out of the plane in shock. a part you shoould have added was putting more description.
    from shannan (

  13. Hi Blake,

    That was an exciting story. I thought it was interesting and funny from my point of veiw and if I were watching the person jump out of the plane. Though the first sentence did not really make sense. What you could have done is make it a bit more descriptive.


  14. Great story about jumping out of the plane the view must have been amazing of New York ! :) Ethan

  15. Thank you guys for all the awesome comment