Sunday, 8 September 2013

3 Little pigs

One day three boys went to work on a cold Saturday morning. They were employed at a old rickety sawmill where they shovelled up loose sawdust and bark then they put it into a old loader bucket.

The three boys were only twelve years old but they were quite muscly and intelligent. The boys were wearing old raggedy clothes and their names were Tao, George and Henry.

Tao, George and Henry were working a normal day except they were working Extra hours and when you have to shovel up scrapes for four hours it gets boring, so George and Tao started rushing and when they rushed they weren't doing it properly. Then the big boss flew over to us in his truck. "Tao George what are you doing, I mean your not even getting any scrapes in the bin!" Then the big intimidating man screamed and shouted and fired them. 

Then Henry (the remaining worker) got a raise and eventually became a millionaire.
The end

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