Monday, 9 September 2013

Aaliyahs story:)

 This is my Jack and the beamstalk remake story
Hope u enjoy:)


  1. Very nice story Aaliyah -by James and karim

  2. It was a very cool story Aaliyah. You have lots of description. Well done!!!

  3. Aaliyah this is a fantastic story. I like it on many levels. It is very descriptive with phrases such as "the golden seed made the ground glow". I like the way you incorporate modern aspects to the traditional story by saying "Jack finally got to the top and saw a giant laughing at something on his iPad" and "Everyday Jack climbed up the beamstalk to play smurfs village with the giant on the giants iPad". I also like the way you go away from tradition by creating the giant as a friendly character and establishing a relationship between him and Jack. Well done.