Monday, 9 September 2013

 Work Hard and you get Rewarded
By Tao


  1. I like the moral of your story about working hard and getting the rewards. Your story would have been more effective if you checked your punctuation a little better. Some full stops and speech marks would have made it easier to follow. Go back and fix these and your story will read much better.

  2. I like that theres i life lession in there that therers something that follows every acion
    good or bad, great storty i enjoyed reading it Dylan

  3. Good story, do practice on your punctuation though. Other than that, it was a a good story.

  4. I liked the meaning of the story, but a little advice for next time will be to check punctuation and full stops apart from that great job, Ka Pai !!!
    P3 Mokoia Int

  5. The story had a good moral, but next time you need to put in punctuation because it made the story confusing!

  6. Great story! Very original and interesting. But next time double check you puncuation :)

    Hannah RPSroom7